#73 A Compounding Interest: Nurture, Cultivate and Grow

I used to think I was born in the wrong era, that it might have been better if I was born in the time when people had to build their homes by hand, or manually plow fields or some other physical beat-down on a daily basis to sop up my energy…..Admittedly, I love the sense of giving everything I’ve got and then resting fully at the end of a hard day.  It’s more like a “shutting down” than a slow […]

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#72: Into the wind…..bring it.

Oh what a week…….this was my annual “life hitting you in the face” week…..personally, professionally and from a training perspective….SMACK….”hello, this is life, pay attention…..I’m talking to you”. maybe this is b/c it was my birthday week…..yep, another year gone by. maybe it was b/c I’m training up to a new level of fatigue…..certainly tired maybe it was b/c we’ve been gaining some momentum in some of our projects professionally, but with the little steps forward there’s even more to […]

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#69: Go with instinct on this one….Saddle-up partner

With a heel still not ready to cooperate 100%, but some weather that was, the goal for this week was begin to build some endurance on the bike using the 40-ish mile brick last Sunday as a springboard.  However, having had 7 days of training in a row, I needed to work in some recovery as well to avoid ramping up too fast.  TRAINING HIGHLIGHTSMonday – ride: I decided to push it a bit through Monday mostly because I had the […]

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