Remembering Dad

I have given many speeches in my life. None has ever been more important to me than the one I’m about to give…….what a great honor it is to be asked by my mom and siblings. Dad (to me & a bunch here), Grandad (to an even bigger brood), Great-grandad to 1, Tom (to most) and even “Tommy” for at least few people here was many things to many people.  He was the Bell Telephone, AT&T, etc, etc retiree and […]

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Video Blog: rACE-ism

This is my first attempt at a semi-instructional conversation starter about racism and how it impacts health. I can’t reiterate it enough: 1. I am not an expert on racism. I am just a guy who believes in health for all and a professional who is willing to dive into the data with an open mind. 2. I do not have “all the answers”….I don’t even have all the questions……I do have the ability to start a conversation with people […]

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Now, the descent

A little more than 80 years ago, as reported in this 2012 article, one of the most famous global leaders of all time emerged. He became known for saying things like “If you’re going through hell…..keep going” and describing his nation’s strategy as “Never never never give up”. Given the daunting odds they faced at the time, such defiance and resilience-of-spirit seems almost unimaginable. Thankfully our current situation is not one of actual war and thankfully we seem to be making progress. According […]

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