Immune Boost

This post was written as part of Pro-Activity’s weekly Prevention Services Blog, a private blog which drops every Friday for Pro-Activity’s employer clients. The hive is buzzing. Lots of conversation, lots of planning and lots of scrambling about the latest coronavirus and the resulting health concern (COVID-19). I’ve gotten emails and information from just about every organization that has my name. From schools & clubs that my kids attend, to the workplaces I visit, the colleges I lecture at and […]

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On ease, disease and an empathetic Lyft.

Captured on the plane ride home (11/04/17) It has been an amazingly intense 12 months. Although I feel like I’ve been writing and speaking a ton in that time, having been honored with more opportunities to spread my crazy ideas than any year I can remember, it doesn’t feel like it could possibly have been so long since I last stopped long enough to jot down some randomness here on this blog. And so I sit, physically contained on a […]

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To the Top! A thank you letter.

There was a time when I fell in love with “extraordinary experiences”; those moments when entranced, you can get stuck for what seems like hours in the seconds or minutes of the amazing. Whether they be performances or engineered-experiences, they are the ones that rise so far above the norm that they seem downright magical. So perfect, that anyone lucky enough to be there walks away inspired. Looking back, I think it may have started with our roots in South Florida, on the many trips the Eisenhart tribe […]

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