#122: There’s wisdom in listening (I hope)

Welcome to the balancing act: the phase of training where things are starting to go well and the results of a string of hard work are beginning to show BUT the risk of over-training is real and starting to get vocal. The last two weeks have been about the continued march upward in both training volume and intensity.  Overall, things have gone according to plan.  I’ve continued to steadily ratchet the hours and miles upward without any significant injury…..until. On […]

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#121 – Positively Contagious – the funny way things work out.

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting and maybe even enlightening for me – from my professional “world” right through the charitable “world” and into the world of training.  It’s never a bad thing (entirely) – because there’s always something to be learned from the situation you’re in – but there are moments that just make you scratch your head and wonder.  Unfortunately the stories are not even worthy of blogging about – but the results are; that’s […]

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#120 – This was only a test, now back to our regularly scheduled WINTER, extended play

After today, I was SURE you owed me one….undoubtedly my complaining about the weather had FINALLY resulted in changes from upper management…..with no help from that over-grown hamster in Punxsutawney, PA. Two days of sunshine in a row…..yep, I was beginning to think someone important was reading this blog and maybe even taking a few of my suggestions to heart…..but then I looked at the weather forecast – Nope, foiled again – single digit lows for the next several days….looks like […]

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