#121 – Positively Contagious – the funny way things work out.

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting and maybe even enlightening for me – from my professional “world” right through the charitable “world” and into the world of training.  It’s never a bad thing (entirely) – because there’s always something to be learned from the situation you’re in – but there are moments that just make you scratch your head and wonder.  Unfortunately the stories are not even worthy of blogging about – but the results are; that’s […]

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#120 – This was only a test, now back to our regularly scheduled WINTER, extended play

After today, I was SURE you owed me one….undoubtedly my complaining about the weather had FINALLY resulted in changes from upper management…..with no help from that over-grown hamster in Punxsutawney, PA. Two days of sunshine in a row…..yep, I was beginning to think someone important was reading this blog and maybe even taking a few of my suggestions to heart…..but then I looked at the weather forecast – Nope, foiled again – single digit lows for the next several days….looks like […]

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#114 – The party’s over, now BACK TO WORK

“Christmas week is over, New Year’s week is a thing of the past….and now, well past the start of 2014, it’s time to get back to work”……those were my my thoughts when I woke up this morning…..the day after an insanely cold thermometer reading sealed it as an “inside” day (-6 deg is automatic “indoor” workout for this tender athlete)…..I took a look at my training plan and realized, the viking lady was in the midst of her crescendo…..that today was the […]

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