Ranting & Raving

rant-warningIf we’re going to tip the population to better health it’s only going to happen when we have  “enough” raving fans (or as RPI dubbed it “unshakable believers”) to nudge the required belief-shift so badly needed to get an action-shift to MOVE.

To do THAT….we have to talk about it….with passion….which can easily be mistaken for…

Rantings, Ravings and Ramblings


Works in Progress — Courses, Affiliations & Platforms:

  1. Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Therapist Course w/ICE Physio
  2. Academy of Prevention & Health Promotion Therapies
  3. #SummerOfMOVE with #FreeTheYoke



Appearances & Planned Live Events:

  1. APTA Insurance & State Payment Policy Forums On PopHealthPT (Sep 2016)
  2. PTVersion2.0 Live/Remote at D’Youville College DPT Program (Oct 2016)
  3. Women in PT Summit NYC (Nov 2016)
  4. PTVersion2.0 Live/Remote at George Washington U DPT Program (Nov 2016)
  5. DeSales University DPT Program (Jan 2017)
  6. APTA CSM San-Antonio (Feb 2017)
  7. APTA CSM Chapter Presidents Meeting on Employer Initiative (Feb 2017)
  8. ICE Sampler Platter on Prevention & Pop Health — Portland, OR (June 2017)



For your listening pleasure — Podcasts:

  1. PT as a Lifestyle Brand – Interview w/Karen Litzy (Healthy, Wealthy & Smart)
  2. What Physical Therapists Tell their Friends (MoveForward Radio)
  3. Prevention of Chronic Disease – Interview w/Jason Bellamy (MoveForward Radio)
  4. Plant Based Eating – Interview w/UpDoc Media (TherapyInsiders)
  5. Prevent to #disruPT – Interview w/Jimmy McKay (PTPintcast)
  6. FreeTheYoke – Interview w/Jerry Durham (Biz, Baseball, Bourbon)
  7. Pop Health Entry Point – Interview w/UpDoc Media (TherapyInsiders)
  8. Health, Prevention & FreeTheYoke (TwoKnowBodies)
  9. PTVersion2.0 – Interview w/Jerry Durham (HealthCare Disruption Podcast)
  10. Prevention, Population Health w/Childs & Moore (EIM Clinical Podcast)



Articles & Publications

  1. The Pain Game – Early look at MSD Prevention (Incident Prevention Mag)
  2. Going the Extra Mile – PTs in Ultra-distance (Advance Magazine for PT)
  3. Evolving Role of PT as Workplace Prevention Expert (OPTP, Ortho Section)
  4. The Injured Worker – Prevention & Management (Ortho Section APTA)
  5. Turning the Titanic – Perspective on Healthcare (PPS Impact Magazine)
  6. Building your Niche – Marketing & Strategy (PPS Impact Magazine)
  7. The First 90 days – Memo to APTANJmembers (APTANJ.org)
  8. How to Provide the greatest value in Healthcare (Updoc Media Blog)
  9. Leadership & Becoming Laird Hamilton – Change (PPS Impact Magazine)



One-offs and Ramblings

  1. Testify! NJ Assembly Comm. 5/7/15 (minute 26:30, best=windows browser)
  2. Seat at the Table – Jason’s Table 2013 (The original misfits dinner)
  3. Monthly Feast – PTs role in Nutrition (October 2015)
  4. Monthly Feast – More on Nutrition (November 2015)
  5. Monthly Feast – Even more on Nutrition (Jan 2016)



Some Favorite Shoutouts & Mentions

  1. Rockit Conversion (@Jerry_DurhamPT on NOLA 2013)
  2. In my shoes (@PranaPT on NOLA 2013)
  3. I Believe: Student Perspectives from #GrahamSessions2015 (@TJ_Janicky)
  4. Thoughts on #APTACSM 2016 (@karenlitzyNYC)