#93: Ironman NYC – the after “math”

Did you ever have something that you worked really really hard at?  Something that you wanted and you could almost taste, touch and smell but it seemed to just stay out of your grasp?  Me too, and that pretty much caps this chapter of the Red-iculous effort.  Significant progress…..but not yet achievement.  Ugh!  But a solid journey…..so here’s how it went. 3 AM – up and at ’em Want to see depleted?  Compare this to the last pic – yikes […]

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#87 Last long run, Hell Week and some Train-cation

This week was slated to be the biggest, baddest, and most difficult week of the training season; the first of two weeks of “over training” – the kind name endurance athletes use for the blaring wake up call to those final few fibers of muscle and connective tissue that aren’t currently being used to get to attention and fall in line.  Hell week for tired muscles.My goal going in was to have high volume AND high intensity, but unfortunately, that […]

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#76: This weeble wobbles but doesn’t fall down

It was a bounce back week for me……my first gut check of this training season…..after feeling pretty good and being forced to (yet again) learn the lesson that one is NEVER to tempt fate by saying this out loud or in blog form, I was faced with the opportunity to be the clown that keeps coming back for another punch in the face and yet find a way to keep that silly smile on my face……yes…..let’s be clear, I am […]

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