The Monthly Feast

Physical Therapists have a role in nutrition – this was recently reaffirmed by the American Physical Therapy Association’s position statement:   THE ROLE OF THE PHYSICAL THERAPIST IN DIET AND NUTRITION HOD P06-15-22-17 [Position] Diet and nutrition are key components of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of many conditions managed by physical therapists. It is the role of the physical therapist to screen for and provide information on diet and nutritional issues to patients, clients, and the community within the […]

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Do something…to close the gap.

So it’s 5:17AM and I’m getting ready for my third “race” in 3 weeks. I put it in quotes b/c they’re not really races in the sense that I’ve trained diligently….or that I have any expectation of winning….but there’s a starting gun and people with numbers/bibs….and someone somewhere is running a clock….so they’re races.  In endurance parlance, one might call these “B” or “C” races (“A” races being the one your training plan is geared toward)…..and as I flick through twitter — […]

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It’s about time.

How long will you go before you ask for directions?   Wait, you didn’t know that you were lost?  You are…..we all are. As if the bombardment by information and advertisements — all with promises of living a full life, and clips of people “just like us” doing things with smiles on their faces — doesn’t make it abundantly clear? It’s the good life, and you too can have it….and it only requires (on average) 4 meds per day….forever     [insert […]

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