#3: Train like a tortoise

The more I learn about ultraendurance training and specifically about ultradistance-triathlon, the more I realize this is a game of slow and steady.  This seems like an easy concept right?  Consistency and volume trumps intensity…….but what it lacks in pain it makes up for in patience and focus. It’s very difficult to stay focused for hours and hours regardless of the task at hand…..Yesterday I biked for 3 hours (2 hours in AM and 1 hour in afternoon) and today […]

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Rocket science

New Cervelo model? Sometime in the summer of 2009 I decided I’d take this little endeavor on, and after gaining some much needed wisdom of patience (more on that lesson later) I’ve been slowly building both my physiological “engine” as well as my equipment base……and since speed in the saddle seems to matter most, I’ve been studying and building.My first conclusion?  Triathlon has a VERY high equipment ceiling and a relatively steep initial ascent if you want a solid ride……quality […]

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What’s in a name?

At some point growing up I realized that names, like all words had meaning……that, when translated from their native language, were labels that “meant something”…..I learned that my surname “Eisenhart” was a German expression that meant “as hard as iron”…..which I suppose not quite as cool as “as hard as osmium” (the hardest element on earth), and certainly leaving the door open to any number of jokes (hard-headed only scratching the surface)……yet always seemed cool enough to me…….eventually, no doubt […]

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