Making it tip – “in it” all the way up to my profession

(In a soap opera announcer voice): Previously on – Mike, in 500 word blocks, began putting his effort where his mouth was, attempting to live out his personal mission of being “a doer of extraordinary things” while taking a small bite, out of the crime that is the current state of health of the American public (get it? Bite outta crime?). We join our program already in progress…A letter to the “healthcare establishment” It’s a crime …So it dawned on me right […]

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It’s NOT for spectators

If it were easy everyone would do it.   Life is not a spectator sport, because we are connected – there are no spectators.    I’m equally unqualified to make EITHER of these statements – except that: (1) I’ve lived the first and (2) people who are insanely qualified have proven the second… of them gave a TED talk (embedded) and demonstrated how we are literally connected.  Sure, we can pretend that it’s possible to standby and watch, to pretend we’re all just strangers sharing the […]

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Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow I turn 39. Yep, April 6, 2015 is the day that starts the “almost 40” count-down clock.  Although maybe it’ll change as the year progresses, at this point I don’t find myself thinking much of it….and I’m definitely not dreading it as much as it seems like you’re supposed to. When I was fresh out of college I had planned to be retired an onto a second life by now….but a funny thing happened during the race to business success, […]

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