Big 5! Is this ME?

I just took “the Big 5” HERE after seeing research HERE related to PT personality traits as reported HERE

And this is me:


A O70-C89-E53-A8-N27 Big Five!!


My Take

O: 70th percentile – probably reasonable.

C: 89th percentile – a nice surprise, I don’t really think of myself as particularly organized

E: 53rd percentile – probably right….definitely not a true extrovert, but not full introvert either….I guess this confirms “Ambivert”

A:8th percentile – Yikes!  This has me a little concerned….lo, my instinct is to disagree here….so maybe they’re right.

N: 27th percentile – hmm, I like what this is saying, but if someone on the street said rate your level of “neuroticism” on a scale of 0 to 100, I’d probably give myself higher than a 27.

Let me know what you think!