To the Top! A thank you letter.

There was a time when I fell in love with “extraordinary experiences”; those moments when entranced, you can get stuck for what seems like hours in the seconds or minutes of the amazing. Whether they be performances or engineered-experiences, they are the ones that rise so far above the norm that they seem downright magical. So perfect, that anyone lucky enough to be there walks away inspired. Looking back, I think it may have started with our roots in South Florida, on the many trips the Eisenhart tribe […]

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The thing about love.

It was heart-wrenching. There’s really no other way to describe it. Somewhere between heartbreaking and gut-wrenching….with features of both. You’re never quite ready, even though you know those tough moments are coming.  Even as the decision loomed. Even though we knew it was time. Watching my family come to terms with letting-go of Oliver, our loyal friend of 13 years, our nanny-dog when the kids were growing up who never let them too far out of sight or close to harm’s […]

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Is Strong the Future?

Originally posted to Pro-Activity’s work-injury prevention clients as part of their weekly communication. Spoiler summary: are evolving science and cultural shifts paving the way for a “strength” revival? Did you ever get the feeling you were witnessing something really important? You know, seeing something and saying to yourself “that’s going to be a big deal”? Sometimes it’s not in a particular moment or amazing thing but looking back on a pattern of things happening and realizing, like building blocks or […]

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