#56: Final Stop 2011 Redemption Tour. Finish strong or limp-in?

Somehow last week got ahead of me.  I woke up Monday AM and realized “yesterday was Sunday” and I never wrote my blog….doh!  It’s funny how twisted my brain gets when my calendar is thrown off.  Thursday Thanksgiving and the ensuing long weekend was enough to totally mess me up…….so my apologies to all of you who wrote emails to me to relay the stories of how, like a butterfly flapping its wings in another part of the world, your […]

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#55 There’s no time to slow down, it’s Peak Phase

You gotta know when to hold ’em…..To me, knowing the time to be patient and the time to push (and having the discipline to follow-through) are some of the key elements required for top-notch endurance racing.  It’s so difficult to predict how much you’ll have left “in the tank” and therefore how best to position yourself to peak at the right moment……The bad news is, this is an antsy time for me……one which allows my relative inexperience as a racer […]

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#54: Life on the run can’t always be glamorous

What wild week it’s been:  It started on Monday with a visit by Marshall Ulrich, endurance machine, to BaseCamp31 to talk about some of his adventures, run with a few of us and sign some copies of his book “Running on Empty” for those in attendance.  For most folks running from coast to coast or achieving the “7 summits” (mountaineering) or competing in ALL of the eco-challenges just sounds crazy…..but to me it was inspiring.  The guy is not only […]

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