#122: There’s wisdom in listening (I hope)

Welcome to the balancing act: the phase of training where things are starting to go well and the results of a string of hard work are beginning to show BUT the risk of over-training is real and starting to get vocal. The last two weeks have been about the continued march upward in both training volume and intensity.  Overall, things have gone according to plan.  I’ve continued to steadily ratchet the hours and miles upward without any significant injury…..until. On […]

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#61: Wherever I may roam – training on the road

The objective in week 2 of 2012 was to refine my plan down to the details and continue to work on the aerobic-engine with more base-work.Any time I have to travel anywhere by plane, this time to South Carolina, I always walk away with some additional respect for those who do it often.  I do plenty of travel by car, bus, train, etc…..but (thankfully) not nearly as much by plane…..it’s so time consuming and fatiguing…..huge energy drain.  I do seem […]

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#59: 2012, a new chapter of a familiar story

2011 was a really wild ride……wild is usually fun, and 2011 didn’t disappoint……but history is history right?  And now that 2012 is officially here, it’s as good a time as any to move-on right?  No, I promise not to do a resolution blog……I don’t put much faith into them personally…..but, as anyone who knows me can attest……I usually put a little effort into planning…..OK, a lot.So how about a preview of 2012’s attempt at the Red-iculous?  This isn’t exactly how […]

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