Part 2, Episode 4: Finding BIG Levers

Two weeks ago I was getting antsy.  I decided it was time to put my action where heart was – it was time to get back to the RED-iculous effort but this time to set out toward a grander personal vision: “Better Health for Every American in THIS Lifetime” and I am happy to say that things are well underway.  Last week I decided I would start by lighting candles and featuring stories of candles lit.  Why candles? Because nothing quite symbolizes the start of […]

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Part 2, Episode 3: Stop cursing the dark, freedom as intended

I think it’s about time we give people back their freedom don’t you? Now, to be fair, as American citizens, we have so much, freedom included….I acknowledge that not everyone was lucky enough to be born on soil where freedom is considered a right (or constitutional imperative) and something many brave folks have fought and died for….but that’s not what I’m getting at here. I’m talking about the freedom to actually express the freedom we have…..the ability to step up and […]

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Part 2, Episode 2: Carpe Diem – Get busy livin’

When I was blogging regularly, I always found Sunday to be a great day to do so.  It helped me gather my thoughts and focus for the week ahead….maybe I’ll get back into that habit….we’ll see….but for now, I’ll just continue the story where the last session left off and commit to writing in 500 word segments (or less).  Thanks to @chinzeDPT for reminding me how much I love the “Red” (fitting) quote – it ties in nicely….so where were […]

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