It’s NOT for spectators

If it were easy everyone would do it.   Life is not a spectator sport, because we are connected – there are no spectators.    I’m equally unqualified to make EITHER of these statements – except that: (1) I’ve lived the first and (2) people who are insanely qualified have proven the second… of them gave a TED talk (embedded) and demonstrated how we are literally connected.  Sure, we can pretend that it’s possible to standby and watch, to pretend we’re all just strangers sharing the […]

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Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow I turn 39. Yep, April 6, 2015 is the day that starts the “almost 40” count-down clock.  Although maybe it’ll change as the year progresses, at this point I don’t find myself thinking much of it….and I’m definitely not dreading it as much as it seems like you’re supposed to. When I was fresh out of college I had planned to be retired an onto a second life by now….but a funny thing happened during the race to business success, […]

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My Mom is a teacher. Although officially an “administrator” now, I still think of her as a teacher, who just happens to have graduated to an adult-size chair. As my kids got older and I took a more keen interest in their education (in truth, like most things I went “all-in geek” trying to figure out how to give them a love of learning), I began to have talks with my Mom. Although we both possess a certain kind of “energy” (arguably […]

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