It’s about time.

How long will you go before you ask for directions?


Wait, you didn’t know that you were lost?  You are…..we all are. As if the bombardment by information and advertisements — all with promises of living a full life, and clips of people “just like us” doing things with smiles on their faces — doesn’t make it abundantly clear? It’s the good life, and you too can have it….and it only requires (on average) 4 meds per day….forever




[insert retching here]


We can do better. We must. And it’s all about time….literally.

It’s the number one thing I hear from people who want to get healthy but don’t: “I don’t have time” – translated, the ultimate doom loop:  I don’t have time to invest in myself, which only guarantees I’ll feel worse and become less productive later….which means I’ll have even more pressure and less time….which means I’ll feel even worse…and on and on.  Until something goes terribly wrong.

Take for example the person who is carrying a few extra pounds because he doesn’t eat well; his fitness level is sub-par because he doesn’t move much during the day and “the job” has him feeling stressed.  He’s the every-man and he’s well on his way to the same place 75% of his friends/family/colleagues will wind up…..with at least 1 chronic disease.

Maybe he’ll start with (what I call) a “gateway disease” like back pain which comes on for no apparent reason.

He might start with Tylenol which has been recommended for years (including HERE), despite no effect greater than placebo found in this 2014 study.

Or….maybe he’ll wind up in the office of someone who hasn’t done any professional reading in 15 years….and they’ll recommend bed-rest as a viable option…just about guaranteeing a prolonged episode.

Or….maybe he doesn’t have time to peruse THIS BLOG which always has some interesting insights to share.

In any of these scenarios, he could easily be popping pills for his “bad back” and slumping into something that looks a lot like depression (given all of the things he’s now afraid to do) instead of changing his lifestyle and finding his true self again.

We can do better. We must. And it’s all about time…..literally.


What-if, instead of floating out there, our hero had a professional on-call?  Not someone trying to sell him something, rather, someone who could assure him he’s not “broken” and get him moving in the right direction….now.

What if he could get this information in hours instead of waiting days or weeks? Instead of ping-ponging around the healthcare system getting a bunch of unnecessary tests and racking up charges he got to talk to a real person…someone who could help….now.

He can.

Getting to the right provider at the right time without a bunch of hurdles to get over or fees to pay is at the heart of the matter……

It’s really all about time. As in, now.

It’s doable….help where you can.


Better health. Every American. THIS lifetime.

– Mike E.