Making it tip – “in it” all the way up to my profession

(In a soap opera announcer voice): Previously on – Mike, in 500 word blocks, began putting his effort where his mouth was, attempting to live out his personal mission of being “a doer of extraordinary things” while taking a small bite, out of the crime that is the current state of health of the American public (get it? Bite outta crime?). We join our program already in progress…A letter to the “healthcare establishment”

It’s a crime

…So it dawned on me right then, while staring at a chart that a bunch of math-geniuses had published, that this is not impossible — a serious uphill climb, but not impossible. So says the research – if they are passionate enough, it takes a relatively small number of folks (10-20% actually) to change beliefs of (“tip”) the remaining….social proof is that strong a force; and since we know that “change” follows new actions/strategies, which follow new beliefs….all that’s really needed is a shift in belief.

So….all we (healthcare professionals who want to see health restored) really need to do is stoke the fire — start by doing something awesome (like actually CURE disease) — and then share the stories; literally set the people (our communities) free from the burden of disease.  Sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

This brings us to a key question, and some follow-ups: (1) what is proven to cure the diseases we most commonly face?  (2) Is it more or better medication? (3) Is it a “procedure”? (4) Is it found on a scan or image?  

The evidence clearly shows that the answer to question 1, in the vast majority of cases (like 75-90%), when administered at the right time and in the right dose, is the big 3 of healthy lifestyle: better movement + better nutrition + better recovery.  Of course there are times when medications/procedures/scans are needed, but, get the big 3 right and it’s the exception, DEFINITELY NOT the rule.

It seems to me that many providers are starting to find their way again – remembering who they serve (society) and what the real goal is (health).

I was proud to see that my profession decided to go big and bold, to announce to the world that we understand many are hurting, that it’s no way to live, that we (all of us) can do better for ourselves and those we love and that we (the Physical Therapy professionals) are willing to roll up our sleeves and do our part: “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience” (American PT Association Vision). 

It won’t be easy and it won’t be fast…but if we’re willing to be unshakable in our belief that it’s possible, it will be.


  • Beliefs are shaped socially – we MUST be where it’s happening – the more barriers that keep providers apart from community, the less likely we will have the influence we need
  • So it starts by taking down barriers and getting as close to the problem as possible — by understanding and connecting problems and solutions

It starts with us.

Mike E.