#5: Go go gadget trainer

For the most part, I’m a gadget guy.  iPhone junkie, HUGE fan of the iPad and even though not much of a “gamer”, that kinect thing that Microsoft came up with looks pretty unbelievable. When it comes to my endurance training…..it’s no different.  At this point, I don’t think I could live without my Garmin 305;  I think our remote coaching software (powered by trainingpeaks) could be one of the easiest and most effective training tools around…..but when it comes to gadgets, […]

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#4: Training w/the Fat Man

So I went into Christmas week with what I thought were pretty reasonable training goals:1. Eat sensibly2. Get +/- 10 hours of training.3. TT on bike4. Get in 3 “longs”Well…..I got the time-trial done…..This week was the first (hopefully not of many) rounds of the fight between a body that needs to train and a mind that’s elsewhere.  R1 goes to the lazy mind.Week of 12/20 in Review:Training: 8.25 hours (+/-.75 swim + 5 bike + 2.5 run).  Had to […]

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#3: Train like a tortoise

The more I learn about ultraendurance training and specifically about ultradistance-triathlon, the more I realize this is a game of slow and steady.  This seems like an easy concept right?  Consistency and volume trumps intensity…….but what it lacks in pain it makes up for in patience and focus. It’s very difficult to stay focused for hours and hours regardless of the task at hand…..Yesterday I biked for 3 hours (2 hours in AM and 1 hour in afternoon) and today […]

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