#8: the wasting away diet…..ultra-endurance nutrition

Christian Bale trainingfor an ultra event? “the trick is to keep losing weight until your friends and family ask you if you’ve been sick. then you know you’re within 10 pounds. if they start whispering to each other, wondering if you’ve got cancer or aids, you’re within 5. when they actually do an intervention, you’re at race weight.” – actual post from a triathlon forum, obviously in jest (perhaps too close to the mark with the endurance crowd).In our business, we […]

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#7 lessons in listening and patience

If you ever watch the coverage of IM Triathlon on TV, they’re always talking about the patience it takes to go steady…..so as not to “blow up”.  The goal: “make it a long run and a short race”……the idea here is simple….wait for it……really that’s the idea, just keep waiting until the right moment.Well, this week I got a little taste of WHY the “patience of an Ironman” is such a highly regarded thing……and, well, when it’s force-fed, it kinda […]

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#6: a foundation of bricks

badass…a little thick around the middle by IM standardsneeds to be somewhere in the emaciated range to have that“tri-athlete look”. OK, by the 2 hour mark on the bike today, I was looking for something different to occupy my mind.  I had already watched Harry Potter and so took a brief moment to scroll through the free on-demand choices…..wouldn’t you know it, Enter the Dragon was a “new” free release……who can argue with a little 1973 action legend…..no doubt when […]

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