#12 Break on through; SET………pull

Training is a finely tuned game of details.  Push a little bit, back off to recover, push a little more, back it down again, etc.  The push can be intensity, duration or frequency, but the back-off part of this balance might just be the more important part of the equation if the goal is to keep building.  Not only from an injury standpoint, but from a performance standpoint as well.In part, this is real-life wisdom gained by people who have […]

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#11 get tough cupcake……no one said this was easy!

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.To just “fit in” the 15-17 hours per week of dedicated training time (not to mention the prep, recovery, fuel, etc) is a serious task…..one that is forever complicated by those other little details in life that seem to keep popping up (full time job, a busy spouse, a trio of active kids, etc).   Sometimes I have to remind myself of a very simple, yet incredibly powerful […]

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#10: randomness from the frazzled mind of an endurance athlete

This was a crazy week……and I apologize in advance for this blog….unless of course you have a very short attention span, in which case, it is my finest work!  *Recommendation*  read the blog and then go back and click on all of the links at least once.Between traveling back from Texas last weekend, a work-week that seemed as much busy-ness as business for the first 4 days, a couple of late evening presentations that all but nixed any significant training, […]

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