You say you want a revolution? Well!

Adapted from Pro-Activity’s client prevention blog – 070116 Spoiler summary: if it were only as simple as it sounds. Summertime presents a whole new set of challenges doesn’t it? It does for me. Kids out of the school routine and looking for something fun to fill their time, vacations to plan for and around, and no shortage of projects that need to be done. Couple that with the fact that time just seems to FLY (can you believe it’s July?) and it’s […]

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Is Strong the Future?

Originally posted to Pro-Activity’s work-injury prevention clients as part of their weekly communication. Spoiler summary: are evolving science and cultural shifts paving the way for a “strength” revival? Did you ever get the feeling you were witnessing something really important? You know, seeing something and saying to yourself “that’s going to be a big deal”? Sometimes it’s not in a particular moment or amazing thing but looking back on a pattern of things happening and realizing, like building blocks or […]

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Big 5! Is this ME?

I just took “the Big 5” HERE after seeing research HERE related to PT personality traits as reported HERE And this is me: A O70-C89-E53-A8-N27 Big Five!!   My Take O: 70th percentile – probably reasonable. C: 89th percentile – a nice surprise, I don’t really think of myself as particularly organized E: 53rd percentile – probably right….definitely not a true extrovert, but not full introvert either….I guess this confirms “Ambivert” A:8th percentile – Yikes!  This has me a little concerned….lo, my instinct […]

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