Now, the descent

A little more than 80 years ago, as reported in this 2012 article, one of the most famous global leaders of all time emerged. He became known for saying things like “If you’re going through hell…..keep going” and describing his nation’s strategy as “Never never never give up”. Given the daunting odds they faced at the time, such defiance and resilience-of-spirit seems almost unimaginable. Thankfully our current situation is not one of actual war and thankfully we seem to be making progress. According […]

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Immune Boost

This post was written as part of Pro-Activity’s weekly Prevention Services Blog, a private blog which drops every Friday for Pro-Activity’s employer clients. The hive is buzzing. Lots of conversation, lots of planning and lots of scrambling about the latest coronavirus and the resulting health concern (COVID-19). I’ve gotten emails and information from just about every organization that has my name. From schools & clubs that my kids attend, to the workplaces I visit, the colleges I lecture at and […]

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On ease, disease and an empathetic Lyft.

Captured on the plane ride home (11/04/17) It has been an amazingly intense 12 months. Although I feel like I’ve been writing and speaking a ton in that time, having been honored with more opportunities to spread my crazy ideas than any year I can remember, it doesn’t feel like it could possibly have been so long since I last stopped long enough to jot down some randomness here on this blog. And so I sit, physically contained on a […]

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