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New Cervelo model?

Sometime in the summer of 2009 I decided I’d take this little endeavor on, and after gaining some much needed wisdom of patience (more on that lesson later) I’ve been slowly building both my physiological “engine” as well as my equipment base……and since speed in the saddle seems to matter most, I’ve been studying and building.

My first conclusion?  Triathlon has a VERY high equipment ceiling and a relatively steep initial ascent if you want a solid ride……quality Tri-bike? Oh, you want good wheels with that? Wait you wanted pedals too? A helmet? Something to carry water bottles in?  Shoes that are easy on/off?  The right gear for race day?  And on it goes.

So far I’m +/- $5500 invested.

$1500 Used Road Bike – year 1 trainer/racer
$600 misc gear (pedals, helmet, tri-shorts, shoes, etc)
$1200 E-bay’d Computrainer Pro
$2000 New (off year model) Tri-bike
$200 more misc gear (more shorts, swimming trunks, logo-race-gear, etc)
$150 aero helmet 

And that’s not even the “next level gear”; you know the stuff that manufactures speed: 

ZIPPS for $2000
a power-meter for another $1500-ish, 
super-fast wetsuit for another $500
some new SIDI T2s +/- $200 
and some additional gear to be named later…..

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t really have any “traditional” hobbies (golf, bars, etc) and with 3 kids not yet in double digits, certainly don’t have a social life……the problem is, I’m almost as much a cheapskate as I am a total data-geek;  It’s probably why I’m hooked on endurance sports….I love the constant strategy and tweaking to gain an edge….so, since my kids are walking to school up hill both ways, in 6 feet of snow with holes in their shoes (I know, they’re pretty tough little suckers) another $4500 is out of the question at this point……maybe some rentals this go around.

In the mean time, I’ll just keep slowly toiling away here on my Q-36 space modulator.

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