#3: Train like a tortoise

The more I learn about ultraendurance training and specifically about ultradistance-triathlon, the more I realize this is a game of slow and steady.  This seems like an easy concept right?  Consistency and volume trumps intensity…….but what it lacks in pain it makes up for in patience and focus. It’s very difficult to stay focused for hours and hours regardless of the task at hand…..

Yesterday I biked for 3 hours (2 hours in AM and 1 hour in afternoon) and today I swam for just over an hour.  The good news is that this is a solid base to work from.  The physical aspects were tiring, but not unbearable, but maintaining good form during the sessions was challenging.  As the little muscles get tired and the motions are harder to stabilize, we lose movement efficiency…..I didn’t lose much on the bike session, probably because I broke it into 2 sessions.  The swim however, was a different story.  I’d say I made it about 80% of session before I was working much harder at concentration than I was at physical workload.  This is an important part of the game and I need to keep working at it……

Week of 12/13 in Review:

Training: 6 hours (1.75 swim + 3 bike + 1.25 run).  Admittedly, this is a pretty light week; a little rest/recovery before the start of formal training.  

Nutrition: I typically strive for a 80-90% plant-based diet.  No, I’m not against meat per se, and I certainly don’t shy away from junk-food, but I try to stay away from the various toxic-foods that are so prevalent….I’ll try to temper my opinions here (for a little while anyway).  Current weight +/- 165.  Race weight +/- 155.

Mindset: Refreshing week.  Taking a few days off can be such a recharge.  Looking forward to the training-challenge that lies ahead.

Preview Week of 12/20:

Training: 9.75 hours planned.  Missing 2 days b/c of misc holiday stuff.  Need to do a TT on the bike and the obligatory 3 “longs” (Swim, bike, run) and with any luck will get some more technical sessions in in all 3.

Nutrition: Holiday festivities….goal is sensible, but not miserable.  Steady weight is a win.

Mindset:  It’s going to be a hectic week so it’s important for me to roll with whatever presents itself.

You stay classy San Diego,

Mike E.