#60: And they’re off…..finding my groove

This week the primary objective was to get the ball rolling……personally, professionally and from a training perspective. 

 Although the concept of “resolving” to do something leaves me with mixed feelings….the concept that resolving sometimes implies (setting myself up to succeed by making a plan….AND turning it into action) is something I’m REALLY REALLY big on…..and so, the turn of the calendar year represents a great time to do so. 

In the best case scenario I like to plan as December dwindles and get right to work as January dawns……and for the most part, this was the goal for 2012……although I didn’t put every detail down, I continued to think about how to go about achieving my training goals last week after I wrapped up my blog and will continue to refine as I go……

A favorite spot to get some RECOVER
…as far as the “action steps”? 

I’m satisfied with my start of base-training.
  • Swim: x3 sessions with the emphasis on form
  • Bike: x3 sessions (1 base volume, 1 for form, 1 spin)
  • Run: x2 sessions (death-hill and 3mi brick)
  • Strength: x1 (mostly large muscle groups and core)
  • Flexibility: x1 (felt GREAT to work on movement)

I even got a short recovery-hike with 2 of the 3 kids & the dog, so all said, it was a good week from a training perspective.

It’s not just physical is it?

I also started in on a book on one of my favorite topics……the science associated with High Performing People…..in this particular case, the book is about the psychology of being “in the zone”…..that rare, but highly sought-after state of “flow” often invoked by superstar athletes and other “masters” when they’ve seemingly performed bigger or better than their abilities.

I guess not surprisingly, there has already been a bunch in the book that within the context of my personal quest to do something “Red-iculous” (Kona Qualify) I find to be relatable.  Happily and somewhat surprisingly, I’m not as discouraged by the reality-check that the book has given me.  So far it makes two critical points:

1. Flow is attained while doing highly skilled activities AND highly challenging work that requires all-in concentration and, since most of us have so much going on in life that we’re almost unable to fully concentrate on something,  

2. Mastery is a long, grueling process that will mostly likely require YEARS and not just hours, days, weeks or even months (ok, so this one stings a little at first), but immediate feedback helps accelerate the process, so the ability to track & monitor is key (my inner-nerd is leaping with joy). 

The surprising part is that I’m already seeing the personal challenge in it……and in some crazy twist (or twisted mind as some undoubtedly will accuse), actually looking forward to the test of patience, endurance and discipline that such toiling-away will bring.

Where do we begin?

While I’m in the midst of base training, I’ve tried to pay close attention to the details and apply the principles I’ve been reading about…….focusing intently (and intensely for that matter) during training sessions. I’ve found myself a lot more sensitive to when things like my “form” is degrading and when I’m losing mental focus. The bad news is, it’s WAY earlier in the session than I thought it would be…..the good news is by paying attention to it, I’m already finding ways to extend it…..so if the perfect race at this stage of my racing “career” (I use that term loosely) is somewhere between 10 and 12 hours, one of my objectives is to train myself to stay just as focused at minute 720 as at minute 1.


My grades for the week….

TrainingThis week, I’m giving myself a B for my training:
  • Volume = 95%
  • Frequency = 90%
  • Intensity = 70% (too hard in some cases)

Avg = 85%

PhysiologicThis week, I’m giving myself a C for my physiology:
  • Sleep/Fatigue = 60% (two LATE nights working….not great)
  • Pain = 80% (getting back into bike shape, quad tendons talking back, but I’m listening and hip flexor on R still isn’t perfect)
  • Recovery-training = 80% (only 1 formal flexibility session, need to make this a bigger focal point)

Avg = 73.3%

NutritionThis week, I’m giving myself a B- for my nutrition:

Food/Fuel (clean and lean this week) = 90%
Hydration (need to get on this) = 70%

Avg = 80%

Mindset:This week, I’m giving myself a B for mindset:

Outlook (solid start, but with fatigue comes discontent) = 75%
Growth Focus (solid time dedicated to personal development) = 93%
Being Present (fair in training, pinging all other) = 80%

Avg = 83%

Methodology: This week, I’m giving myself an N/A for methodology:

Just haven’t gotten this far in the training season yet…..i.e. getting the ball rolling.


So if week 1 was to get organized and get moving……this week is to refine the plan and learn to give an take….to get the rest of my world in some semblance of order so I can be “in the moment” and not have a million other things pinging through my head……

All for now,

Mike E.


From one of the best sports movies of all time….can you picture it?

Feel free to join my journey this year between Sundays (blog day).  I’m using the “Path” app to track my journey and posting regularly to twitter: @mikeeisenhart.