Part 2, Episode 2: Carpe Diem – Get busy livin’

When I was blogging regularly, I always found Sunday to be a great day to do so.  It helped me gather my thoughts and focus for the week ahead….maybe I’ll get back into that habit….we’ll see….but for now, I’ll just continue the story where the last session left off and commit to writing in 500 word segments (or less).  Thanks to @chinzeDPT for reminding me how much I love the “Red” (fitting) quote – it ties in nicely….so where were we? Ah, yes…


Changing the World

Since I am a bit under-qualified for the business of world-change (my resume is light on revolution), and I’m not well funded enough to simply take-over without asking (anyone got a rich VC uncle?), I’ve decided I’ll do it the old fashioned way – by working at it….by sharing ideas and building relationships with people who care, by finding the limits of self and taking one more step, by being the lead goose when it’s my turn and drafting for a while when someone else is better suited to slice through the wind.  Not go it alone – that would be “The doomed-to-failure Effort” – which is not what I’m after….but to go-it nonetheless.

I do realize how steep a hill this one seems….but I think it’s time don’t you?  On the whole, we (all collectively) seem to have lost our way.  Good people are struggling to keep the pace and although many question if the current-way is actually the best-way, fewer and fewer seem willing to commit to slogging it out until we arrive at “the change” we all believe is needed. After incessantly thinking about this – I started to wonder if perhaps that’s where I could fit in?  Maybe the “energy” that I seem to have been gifted with (something akin to hyperactivity disorder) and the stubbornness of my youth (stuff of legend in the Eisenhart household) when channeled into something a bit more positive could actually be an asset? Maybe the last several years of “endurance” (largely energy + stubbornness) were really just practice?  And so….here are the formulas that need to be tested:

(1) Care more than you probably should + just keep going = RED-iculous Effort

(2) RED-iculous Effort x Critical Mass (measured in # of people) = World Change


Start with what you know 

Now, since I don’t expect to live forever, I will only have 1 lifetime to pull this off…..and since (statistically) that’s already 49.25% over (but who’s counting?)…and even if I got the good genes it’s 44% over, I can’t afford to waste time starting over.

So – I’m going after health……not as in the lack of disease….but as in something closer to the WHO definition:

“a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

And I’m going after it RELENTLESSLY.

But since I only speak 1 language – I’m starting at home:

Better health, for every American, in this lifetime.

Yes it sounds impossible – RED-iculous even….why I need your help.

I hope I can count on you.


Word count = 498.

– Mike E.