#119 Too sore to soar….and other homophones

Blogging helps me to keep my head on straight, but the truth is, I usually look to have the blog done and posted before 6P EST so the evening is wrapped up and over.  However tonight, there was a little extra studying that needed to be done including NJ history and spelling words.  Growing up I hated history…..and without spellcheck and the red squiggly line, I’d be done-for….math & science: no problem; writing & projects: OK…..but history? Spelling?  Yikes.  And it was homophones…..which, for those out of fourth grade for a while, are words that sound the same but with different spellings/meanings:

Vane/Vain/Vein or Sore/Soar or Mist/Missed or Etc.

But we got through it – and I only had to live-up to my spelling weakness once (I couldn’t explain the difference b/t “capitol” and “capital”) – ahh the roots of growth.  Hopefully the kid does well.

My assignment was easier, I just had to write “Incessant snow is not totally screwing my routine” 100 times on the blackboard…..but it’s not helping either. I don’t really know if it’s the physical fatigue of shoveling or the total lack of routine that has been sapping my motivation, but I definitely find it more difficult to train on the days when I’m logging serious shoveling hours.  It’s a good workout I suppose, I know I’m drenched with sweat by the end, but it’s a different kind of workout – so I’m not really sure it’s benefitting me a ton…..but we’ll see.

I haven’t checked my training log this week – but the plan was to up the ante in the water and on the cycling work in both hours logged and intensity.  Overall, I was happy there – my swim today (after a long ride) was showing signs of life and the bike trainer, although boring does the trick.  The best news is that so far as my time and power continue to ratchet upward, my legs are tolerating the extra stress-load and my knees (and their perennially cranky quad tendons) aren’t grumbling loudly.

The running miles continue to be down on the whole (or is it down a hole?), something I’ll have to remedy at some point; I’m not real worried about it at this point. There’s something to be said for having fresh legs when (if?) the whether turns.  The relatively short (<10 mi) runs I’ve been able to get in have been solid, even having to push the intensity some to make up for the lack of duration.

So where from here?  Well – since consistency is king, that’s STILL my #1 objective: To have a week go as planned – but with snow in the forecast (noooooooo) I’m not sure we’re there yet.

After that, it’s continue to crank up the miles on the bike and the time in the water…..and, for at least another couple of weeks, adding running miles is a slightly less urgent, but no less important priority-2.

The good news is, beyond the typical, I’m not all that sore……the bad news is, it’s awfully hard to soar when the runway is covered in snow and ice.

Although annoying, I’m sure this knot is not impossible.

Warm up the sun,

Mike E.