#115 Get back up on that collie and ride

If a monkey can ride a dog….

  I went into this week with a renewed focus – my semi-annual cold was a thing of the past (“see you in the spring it muttered as it flew out of sight”), and the holiday schedule-blitz was supposed to be over…..life was going to settle and I was going to post big training numbers.  No more monkey-business – time to get back up on that, um, border collie and ride.  
MONDAY – started reasonably, an hour on the bike trainer.  Not as much as I had hoped, but enough.  TUESDAY – was a solid day – an hour in the pool and 60 minutes on the bike.  WEDNESDAY – scheduled “off” day.  THURSDAY – um….unscheduled off day (strike 1).  FRIDAY – I’m beginning to think the collie has bucked me….unscheduled off day 2 (strike 2).  SATURDAY – after a full day in class which caused me to miss the group run, it nearly became unscheduled off day #3, but I dragged myself onto the trainer for a self-induced beating after getting home. 

SUNDAY – time for the first BRICK of the season.
In addition to a building block made of tempered clay (etc), a Brick (in the world of triathlon) is a combined workout – usually bike + run…..and today, it was time to do my first of the season.  The plan was to do 2 hours on the bike and 1 hour of running….it turned out to be 2:15 on the bike and 43 on the run – but whatever….my legs were pretty beat getting off the bike, and my stomach is not yet in brick form (felt sort of like I ate one), but I was reasonably happy with my first 3 hour effort.

WEEKLY STATS SUMMARY – not good enough to report.  The bike was over 100 miles, but the extra 2.5 days off pretty much killed my running and swimming.  The bad news – it’s a let down and I have to find a way to get organized enough to fit it all in (very very very hard).  The good news – dwelling on it will do absolutely nothing – tomorrow is another chance to saddle-up and ride.

Oh no Lassie, Mike’s training fell down a well.

Now no more monkeying around,

Mike E.