#105: it’s about the growth, stupid

Why do we do what we do?  Why do we voluntarily put ourselves into situations that we know are beyond our abilities……

The last few weeks have been a series of foothills for me.  On the one hand, they’ve felt a lot like speedbumps, but when I step back and look, they’re really foothills, which are challenging, but more than anything, a sign of the real climbing that is about to come and although I’ve been terrible at maintaining even a shred of what I’d call a regular blog,  I realize events of late have been part of my greater-REDiculous effort; not the endurance-training specifically, although there’s been some of that, but the idea that great achievement comes from a sustained effort.  I was at an annual “meeting of the minds” this weekend, my third annual, where some of the bright-bulbs in my field (and somehow me) come together to debate and connect and push ideas forward.  At one moment someone brought up the old Bill Clinton (internal) phrase used on the 1992 campaign trail “the economy stupid” (coined by James Carville)…..and when I started thinking about where things have been for me and where I think I’m going, I keep thinking “it’s about the growth stupid”……because that’s what the REDiculous Effort is it supposed to ensure……a long focused effort to yield amazing growth and extraordinary experiences along the way with endurance racing as the “easy” experiment.

So about those foothills:

  • I’m taking on my first ultramarathon this year (May) and I’ve been slowly ramping my miles.  Pretty good challenge so far and I’m running behind. 
  • Work is super busy right now and although coming from a small business owner that’s NEVER a complaint, every wrinkle is a new challenge and effort which is definitely pushing me
  • Other professional commitments are beginning to peak
  • I’ve been working on my first paid writing gig.  Something very different b/c it’s a professional assignment which means a lot of dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s….but it’s been a good push for me.
  • I gave my first TED style speech over the weekend which was nerve-wracking but a lot of fun.  Giving a speech to a group of professional-peers and leaders in my field was intimidating, but I think it was (generally) well received.
So although I’ve not had the chance to blog nearly as much as I want to, nor train as hard or long as I want to, nor get everything done that I’ve wanted to……the effort so far has prepared me for a wild ride…..and the last few weeks have been wild.  Seems like the real challenging stuff is yet to come……hope to be ready.

It’s about the growth,

Mike E.


  • As someone who heard your TED style talk, it was very well received and extremely insightful. Thank you again for sharing!

  • Thx for the feedback! It was great connecting with you in Memphis. Hope to cross paths again soon.

  • Matt Mesibov

    Well, as a Carville enthusiast you got me very interested. I really want to get to a national Graham session now! For anyone that may read this blog, Mike is the real deal! I volunteer with him within our professional association…the man’s got vision. Be looking for you in Kona!!!

    • Matt – thanks for reading and the confidence booster, given the source, your comment is a monster compliment and much appreciated. You BELONG at the Graham sessions BTW……now you can be sure I’ll bend your ear about it the next time I see you.