#99: a “pick-up game of marathon?” WHAT?

So awesome for us to be a part of the Sandy Relief this way.  A whole new spin on the RED-iculous.  

IMAGINE what can be done when you’re willing to do the RED-iculous and so are your friends!

Friday 11/2
Idea for marathon 1:30P

Idea socialized to colleagues on 2:30P conference call

Idea to GO at 3P

Online Donation and 
Website up by 4P

Volunteers recruited by 5P

Trail portion cleared of downed trees 5P-8P

Saturday 11/3

Race course signage created, posted and promoted 930A – 930P

Sunday 11/4
Final course prep begins 6A

Volunteer meeting 8A

Race registrants begin to arrive 9A

Race scheduled to start 10A

Race actual start 10:20 A