#96: Oh Far cryin’ out loud – that was cool

It’s been 2 weeks, so here goes another off season status update on the RED-iculous….. and the slow move back into inspired training.  If you recall a few weeks back I was riding the high of watching a good group of athlete-friends get their “liberty bell” at the RNR Philly 1/2 marathon……a great motivator for me…..


  • I took the bike out a couple of times for a few miles and (despite the burning legs/lungs) felt GREAT even though after a brief look at my training data, I quickly realized how much of my competition-level-fitness has been lost for another year which stung a little (it goes away so much faster than it arrives).
  • I got in a few runs and after having a little delay on getting some badly needed new shoes (hooray, new shoes) b/c I guessed wrong on the width in my constant search for a shoe that can stand up to my silly foot-strike (midfoot WAY lateral)….this time ASICS.
  • AND I got to help bring OhFar 2012 (a little cross country endeavor I’m a part of managing) to life yesterday at a local vineyard.  This event, which we started last year, and still a bit of a “labor of love” is a blast for us and yesterday did not disappoint.  So many clients and friends, colleagues and new acquaintances set out to conquer the hills and course that Justin dreamt up….challenged themselves and ultimately succeeded.  Very cool.
  • Soft gravel trails and I don’t have a great relationship.  Seems like every time I run on them (without building really really slowly) something winds up aching…..and last week, after 4-5 miles on the D&R Canal Trail in Somerset, I woke up to a very cranky R Achilles.  Huge bummer…..but these are the kinds of things that come up after not doing much for a while I guess.
  • I’m really really busy…..so much goes on this time of year…..from workplace stuff to kids that seem to be busier by the day…..I’ve actually found myself saying those dreaded words…..the ones that so many people say right before they give in to a lapse in their healthy behaviors……”I just don’t have the time”……this will need to get fixed RIGHT AWAY 
  • you mean besides that guy?……it could be worse (not entirely sure how)…..but let’s just end it there shall we?


Mike E.


  • I used to run on the D&R Canal Path a lot when I first moved to NJ last September (used the Landing Lane, Amwell Road, or Blackwells Mill entry ways) but actually prefer the road. They recently re-did the surface a few months back which made it a little better on the path but I always tend to run my worst on that dang thing, lol. I train in Asics Gel-Kayano’s and they are heaven for me. I hope your new kicks work out and congrats on OhFar! BTW…that guy is really disturbing, haha. Good luck with your training and everything…you will find a good balance!

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Melissa – it’s getting there.