#92 – Crazy…..just the way I like it

As I left Secaucus, NJ (just a few miles from NYC) yesterday where I had strategically positioned myself to give me PLENTY of time to get into the city, I check the radio which was saying 20 minutes through the Lincoln Tunnel going in-bound……no problem….all was well, I’d be there with 60-90 minutes to register, check out the expo and get to the pasta dinner…..right?  This was great, because, now 2 days out, I was finally getting to relax and get my game-face on.  

  • I had successfully dropped off all of the gear and items for members of the Physical Therapy Association who were volunteering (my little brainchild that turned into hurdles instead of just sprints at the end) as part of the medical tents; 
  • I had finished up most of my work for the week; 
  • Had begun sipping some electrolytes and shifting toward carbs……
  • And even got to catch some of the Women’s US Soccer Final (with 2 soccer-nut daughters, you NEVER want to be caught not-knowing what happened!) and the U-Bolt do his thing in the 200m olympic final……all’s well in Mike-land.

Well – everything was fine until just before I got into the tunnel they (as I now know they do) decided to open another tube to outbound traffic meaning shutting one down for in-bound.  INSTANT TRAFFIC.  As the time ticked away, I got more and more anxious as I knew I had to check in by 6P or else risk being DQ’d from the race.

At 5:45P, still 5 blocks of barely moving traffic away, I got a text from Chris “are you at the dinner”……my response of I’m not there yet obviously made my anxiety contagious as Chris, one of the most selfless athletes I know immediately called, offered to watch my car as I ran in, held my bike, convinced the race-tire guys to fit my bike (they were already closed) and guide me to the registration…….I was literally walking in at 5:58P to many an eye-rolling volunteer.  They could see my anxiety and one woman actually said “It’s OK, you made it……relax”.  Right…..relax.  Finishing up I ran across a guy that Lindsay went to school with who is one of the most committed Ironman Fans (Randy L).  He had a huge smile on his face helping folks just like me…..very cool to have someone so genuinely passionate about the sport.  He gave me a “Nice of you to join us” with a big smile and off I went.

Got to the pasta party and FINALLY settled in……with some pre-race carbs.  There was a Frank Sinatra tribute, several other acts and bands and even a speech by Matt Long, a NYFD member who was hit and dragged by a bus only to get going and complete an Ironman 2 years later……big tip of the cap to the human body and my PT colleagues who played a role in that one!

The crowd was kind of lame and I give the organizers credit for putting on a good show despite dealing with some potentially threatening news……which was likely on everyone’s mind.

Isn’t this SWIM – bike – run?

Well, it might be Bike-Run.  Yep, that’s right……to add to the craziness, there’s been a major sewage leak into the hudson which is threatening the swim…….the Ironman Poop-athlon……awesome.  Well, it’s going to be what it’s going to be……and we won’t know until the water tests come back later today what the official word is…..whatever it is, I’ll be ready……although I’m guessing if we do swim the “huggers” at the finish line might be a little bit tentative.  Mouthwash anyone?

Still much to do…….final sign-off tonight,

Mike E.