#91: Zoom Out and then IN

Yesterday’s post that wasn’t published:

3 days out and I’m finding myself applying a lesson I’m learning in a business book to my upcoming challenge……what a nerd!

The observation is that great companies and specifically the leaders in those companies (something I aspire to be and work on in my non-triathlon training hours) is to step back take a good look at the big picture, reconnect with the greater “grand-scheme-of-things” and then roll-up the sleeves and get to work on the little things.

My big picture for this race is the same as yesterday and the same as I stated way back in January when I was doing base-training……and when I started this ultra-endurance journey I so lovingly refer to as the “Red-iculous Effort”…….to qualify for Kona.  Notice it doesn’t say this year, or at what age, or how…..simply to get there.  I’ve left it open ended because although I’d love it to occur sooner rather than later, I know there are so many variables, some out of my control, that have to go right and that generally speaking, it’s a top 1% performance that gets you there…….maybe top 5%……but way up there compared to the population of athletes racing.

To do that, I have been focused on a simple race concept, however hard to execute:

Have a tactically perfect race – something I started talking about in January this year…..with my focus along the way being to build an “engine” that assuming a tactically perfect race could put me in position to qualify.  We’ll see.

So many details go into a “tactically perfect” race……that’s the zoom in part…..more on that as it unfolds.


Mike E.