#90: 4 days out – learning from the Olympian

It’s officially race week….even got the email today from race director that says so. That means today begins my daily posts leading up to the race. Just a little something short & sweet to keep my head on straight. Thanks in advance if you’ve been reading along these last months (I never dreamed of having almost 20,000 reads) hopefully find these chapters interesting.

Body: Up super early to be at work, but feeling pretty strong. Not without the little nags here and there, but no real “issues”. Grateful.

Weather: is BEAUTIFUL today….only wish it would stay that way. 81 and potential storms on Saturday. 81 and overcast could work.

Training: Had a solid short-burst bike session and a good swim last night. Need to brick today.

Intangibles: I’m really hoping the tide prediction is right. If so, expecting a nice downhill swim (sort of). Not that it gives me some advantage, but if it’s not against the current I won’t be sapped by T1…..which is a good thing.

Mind: After NOT watching Julie Culley race in today’s 5K in London (CRAP! The bandwidth on the commuter bus wi-fi wasn’t enough to support video), i was able to follow on Twitter (thx to FloTrack) and via text (thx to Linds); a reasonable substitute. A few min later I read an email from Eric who was in London for the race. The thing that rang out for me was a simple statement, something that I’d usually notice but not spend a lot of time thinking about. This time it refocused me on probably the key to my day on Saturday:

“she ran such a smart race”

Yes, that’s what it’s all about; the wisdom to race it mentally.

Execute a smart race. Execute a smart race.

Huge congrats to Julie who is making personal history every time she steps out there…..and thanks for teaching the course on “brainy running” today!

Things coming in to focus…..especially now that I’ve got my “brainy” glasses on,

Mike E.