#36: Ducks, Fireworks and Birthday wishes…..and some training too.

After getting all of my mental ducks in a row last week and officially getting back into a training mindset, I was able to string a pretty good effort together. 3 solid runs, 3 short but intense sessions on the bike, a swim and a short strength/stability session to round it all out.  This week was all about trading duration for intensity as I’m continuing to find myself tight on time; but with the local festival over (which stole a couple nights last week), no soccer tourneys this weekend, no wedding to attend and a 3 day weekend……well it felt almost slow; and truthfully, given my next race is Olympic Distance, I need to be emphasizing a little more intensity anyway……so a pretty good training week.

And now something a bit off script:  July 4th weekend is always a special one for me, mostly b/c it’s Linds’ birthday weekend……and although I do a pretty good job of hiding my sentimental side (a little too well at times), it was a treat to get out and “hit the town” a little last night.  Sure, hitting the town has a very different meaning for us as compared to what it once did…..we shared a bottle of wine and some pretty standard fare and then decided to make it a really “late night” and catch the end of the US Women’s World Cup team dominating Columbia over a beer and some poundcake with fresh fruit….truly, a wild after party……but that’s not the point, it was nice to just sit back; not to have to dart from one place to the next or for one of us to have to tag the other as we run out the door to squeeze in a little training…….we just sat back and enjoyed each others’ company.  

So a big thanks to my parents for watching the kids and to my brother & sister-in-law for suggesting a trip to Doylestown for the relaxed atmosphere and although getting stuck in post-fireworks traffic pretty much stunk (didn’t know there was a show and 202 is a one-lane road in each direction and NOTHING was moving), it was a fun evening of just being together.

Although I’m certain there are a ton of other things to write about related to training:

  • Did a killer hill session on the bike
  • Am happy with the progress I seem to be making on the run
  • Need to get back in and swim more
  • Less than 1 month away from competition
  • Starting to slowly move back toward race weight (+/-5 lb off)
  • Bummed that Hunterdon 1/2 Iron may not work out and need to search for a new fall race
I think I’ll just leave it short and sweet this week and wrap it up with some birthday wishes:

Happy Birthday to the best country in the world and thank you to the men and women around the globe fighting to keep it that way.  I have what I have, am allowed to believe what I believe and express it however I choose because of you.  We’re not always right, and we’ll have more missteps along the way, but I am proud to be an American.

Happy Birthday to my supportive wife; I love you very much.  Sure, we’re busier than we should be, more exhausted than we could be and crazier than we would be if we weren’t who we are……but where’s the fun in that?

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of 30 (Robert Frost),

Mike E.