#35: The REDEMPTION tour starts NOW!

If last week was about motivation and understanding the why…..this week was time to make it official and get both feet firmly back onto the road to redemption.  After dragging my feet a little and missing the official deadline I was able to make a last minute plea to the race director, and successfully got entered in the NJ State Triathlon, which, for me was the first milestone in my multisport journey.  Last July, I entered this Olympic Distance (.9mi swim + 25mi bike + 6.2mi run) and had my first taste of triathlon……

Foreshadowing is one of my favorite flavors

Well, it was hot……damn hot.  The water was 88 deg, the bike was reasonable, but the run was miserable…..I suppose I should be getting used to this type of thing?  And so, by sealing the deal and registering for this race (+/- 30 days from now) I will be toeing the line again with the goal of shaving BIG time off my finish from last year.  This will be an excellent way for me to see how far a year of training has brought me and I’m excited for it.

I went out this weekend and did a little brick training to see where things would go.  Did a tough 30-ish mile ride and averaged a bit over 19 mph and a 4-ish mile run on a hot day (high 80’s / low 90’s) and averaged a little over 8 min miles.  Although I’m not back in racing shape yet, I was happy with this as a test.

And so, GAME ON.

After the NJ State Tri, I may stay on the road to redemption and repeat my Hunterdon 1/2 Iron performance….we’ll see; but the most important thing is that with a definite event planned, I now have to get more specific with my training….and find the time to get it done.

And so, what’s the game plan for the next month?

  • I feel like my base is fine, however it’d be wise to get in the water a bit more. 
  • I need to work on some heat tolerance strategies and emphasize hydration.  
  • I need to do a little speed work to be ready for a more intense (less aerobic) race and
  • I need STRETCH
My hips and legs have been getting more and more achy lately.  Seems like just tightness, but it’s getting to the point of discomfort, which is not a welcomed concept.  I’m going to put my effort where my mouth is for a few days and really try to restore some flexibility…..been a little lazy here, but I can’t ignore any longer.  OK, maybe I’ll ramp up to this little pose…….but you get the idea.

Most importantly though, I need to catch up on some rest.  Have been running on fumes a little and it’s going to catch up with me if I don’t make it a priority.

And on that note…..

Good night,

Mike E.