#27: 2 days to go and my head is swirling

After signing off yesterday I got through mostly what I was hoping for: 

  • Found target for race essentials
  • Found the Dixie Center and got checked in, stamped, picked up my bike and got the racing wheels put on
  • Bought some “official” IMST gear, which sounds strange, but will motivate me during the race b/c I’m way to proud to wear something that I didn’t “earn”
  • Found a local pizzeria, where the waitress was all too happy to tell me that the owners were from New Brunswick and another loner triathlete from Colorado Springs who I was chatting with brought up (jokingly) that I don’t seem like the guys from “Jersey Shore” – no matter where you go, Jersey has a special place in people’s heart!
AND THEN…..after my pasta settled a little


………..um, it’s a dooosy.  The “red hills parkway” is very well named….very red, very hilly and by the weather report very hot.  Parked the car around 730P (dusk) and ran part of the “hills” of red-hills.  It wasn’t terrible, although I definitely felt like I was working a little bit more.  With a (listed) elevation in St. George of 2860 ft, it’s still well below the 4000ft standard of where altitude becomes an issue.  But, then again, with a (listed) elevation at home ranging from 250-500 ft, it’s a decent swing……got to keep the hydration and carbs up….which will help.  


Here’s the bike course…..see those “hills” in the distance….. aint that some shh….aint that some shh… (a little cee lo humor) yeah, that’s what I said.

OK, got to run, just got the call that my gear drop-ship is in….next stop Sand Hollow Reservoir for a little chilly swim, some lunch, a preview of the bike course (a bit more up close), dinner and then the “mandatory debrief meeting”……

More tomorrow.

Mike E.