#24: 5 days to go…….gear is en route

Since yesterday was my final “hard” training day, today was a day off from any significant training effort…….and so I put my time to good use:  Packing & Sending my gear.  Whew!  There’s a bunch…..just add ANOTHER pricey transaction associated with IM Racing to the mix.  By the time you throw in a couple of helmets, a bike pump a bunch of water bottles, fuel belts, racing gear + shoes (running and biking), some tools for bike adjustment, spare tubes, a wetsuit and some other miscellaneous racing items…..you’ve filled a pretty large box.  Insure it and make sure it’s going to get to you on time and you’ve got another fat bill to deal with.  Awesome.


But, after pestering the poor FedEx woman, who although very pleasant had me rattled a little when she couldn’t initially confirm there was an actual FedEx shipping center where the address in St. George said it would be, with the same basic question “it will get there when you’re promising right?”, asked three or four different ways to clarify she responded “unless there is an act of God, it will be there on Thursday by 10A”…….I couldn’t help think to myself “no whammies, no whammies, no whammies, STOP” and with, what felt like a lucky enough tracking number in hand and a slight pang of doubt in my gut, I waved my gear good bye and left the shipping center.  I kept my goggles with me so I could do one more swim (tomorrow), but the rest is on the road to Utah.

So at this point the bike is shipped, the gear is shipped and it’s nearly 9P.  A good stretch and some rest is the only thing left for tonight.

And……exhale slowly.

Mike E.