#20 Getting a little long in tooth……a birthday, some recovery and a little uplift

This was a really wild week for me….even though training was super super light.  After 20 weeks of formal training and way more than that if you consider it from the actual beginning of this triathlon thing, it was the first week in a while where I decided it would make the most sense to just shut down.  This was really a hard decision for me, and I’m certain I’ll second guess it at some point, but it was undoubtedly the right move.  Lots of external stressors that were going to prevent me from focusing on training (nothing more useless than training without focus and purpose).  My body was showing some signs of wear (my knees especially, but shoulders and even hips were talking back) I was trying to get through my seasonal allergy and I was teething.  Yes you heard this correctly.  Pretty ironic, but on my birthday my jaw started hurting a lot and it wasn’t until late that day that I realized that the wisdom tooth that had been about 1/2 way in for a few years (and the dentist told me not to worry about) decided to go the distance…….after a sore few days and a renewed understanding of why babies get sort of grumpy during this…….I am literally a little longer in the tooth. 

I did some swimming on Monday and a 7+ mile tempo run on Tuesday (which felt very good) and then let it trail off for the last 5 days…….did some stretching and taking it easy.  I even got a massage (reluctantly I’ll admit…..it was a birthday gift….) but it was well timed.  Let’s just say that when the feedback is “your calves are like rocks”, you probably needed it…..

It wasn’t until today though that I got the full message of how important recovery is; sometimes, I learned, recovery is as much an investment in your spirit as anything else.  My sister Amy (check out her blog here) found a really cool charity event in our area.   She definitely gets how fulfilling giving back can be, something I’m trying to learn……The charity is called “Feed the Need” (video below)…..

Today we (my wife & kids, brother, 2 sisters & families and my parents) all gave up a few hours to help out.  It was pretty awesome to see so many people come together to do something for the right reasons……as a group we packed several thousand meals and the entire project produced enough food to feed 801 children for an entire year……and yes, this has without a doubt helped me to recharge.

So even though it was a really easy physical week…….I think the investment in recovery is going to pay off…..Mentally I am so ready to hit it hard for the next 10 days, taper and then attack this thing.  Even though I’m not sure what race day will bring…..and I never feel fully READY…..I’ll be prepared.

Thanks for reading……here’s to a final push!

Mike E.


  • sonia zacher-martini

    hi Mike! great blog; i can certainly relate to how difficult it is to chill. glad it worked for you. When is your TRI? i signed up for my first recently – August 7! had to learn to swim; i’ve gotten much better.
    thanks for your help in the past; you have helped me when my knee, and hip started yelling at me! lately it’s been the shoulder; i may have to request a consultation before it starts yelling…Sonia

  • Thanks! Definitely want to hear about the Tri….is it the NYC? Let us know if you need some help with the shoulder.