#4: Training w/the Fat Man

So I went into Christmas week with what I thought were pretty reasonable training goals:

1. Eat sensibly
2. Get +/- 10 hours of training.
3. TT on bike
4. Get in 3 “longs”
Well…..I got the time-trial done…..

This week was the first (hopefully not of many) rounds of the fight between a body that needs to train and a mind that’s elsewhere.  R1 goes to the lazy mind.
Week of 12/20 in Review:

Training: 8.25 hours (+/-.75 swim + 5 bike + 2.5 run).  Had to switch my long run and long bike on the fly….which was OK, but then I ran into a total mental-weakness issue on Christmas eve……just over an hour into my scheduled 3hours and I just couldn’t stay focused……too much to do, had to get to festivities on time, still had a few presents to buy, etc……then of course last night we had this little snow issue, which pretty much negated my long swim (hoping to make up for tnite).

Nutrition: So the mission was to eat sensibly.  Not TERRIBLE in this regard, except for the dreaded Christmas cookie platters and Linds’ homemade cinnamon roles.  Pretty much kryptonite to my resolve.  I’m sure I’m not where I want to be, but there is much to do in this regard, so I’m not going to stress about it. 

Mindset: Busy busy busy.  As mentioned above, this was the weakest spot in my training week no doubt.  The ultimate “limiter”.  It was very very hard for me to focus b/c there were so many other last-minute holiday items to nail down.  Similar to the nutrition sentiment, I’m not going to stress over this…..but it’s important to recognize.

Preview Week of 12/27:

Training: 11.5 hours planned:  3 swims, 2 bikes, 3 runs, 1 strength/flexibility.  I’m not leaving myself any days off this week, due to 2 last week and a couple of weak-efforts……this is a debatable approach….many would say, always get your rest day in. However I need to take advantage of this time of year.  I tend to go into more planning-mode in regards to work, so this is an important time to get work done training-wise……the cycles of life I guess.

Nutrition: With any luck the holiday treats will be on their way out……and now it’s time to get more fruits & veggies in.  Also need to keep focused on my hydration.  Cold weather makes it tough for me to drink as much water as I probably should.  I usually default to brewed tea…..

Mindset:  Less hectic than last week, but still more than normal (if there is such a thing)……as long as I put the time in to stay organized, I should be OK.

Do what you want, dig what you do, ’cause that’s what life is all about (Norman B).

Mike E.