Growing old or growing up? Part II

What am I going to do when I grow up?  The last time I asked this question out loud was….well….less than a month ago.  I wish I were kidding.  Despite rapidly approaching “midlife”, I still feel like a kid most of the time….an energy that has served me well – but not always.  Usually around this time of the year (birthday approaching and winter pushing me to my wit’s end), I start getting cagey. I start thinking about how to do more…how […]

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The (RED-iculously hard) work of change – the work we love.

“A short preamble” (credit to Jerry Durham “what I believe”)Change is hard.  Sure, it’s obvious at some level…..but let it sink in a little deeper.  Let the statement soak all the way in.  It’s really really hard.  Sometimes, as much as we think we want the change (or know we need it), we’d rather things just stayed the “old way”….the comfortable way.  We’re willing to tell ourselves half-truths in hopes that we don’t have to change “all the way”….that maybe […]

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Thunder & Lightning? Sure. Iron-will Required?…….Welcome to Lake Placid

**DISCLAIMER** This is a post-race report – AND IT’S LONG – if you read to the end, you’ll know why.The last time I sat down to write was April 13th.  That was a long long time ago.  In addition to the actual time – 90+ days ago – there were more than 1,900 miles logged on the bike, nearly 76,000 yards in the pool and 330+ miles of running…..and let’s be honest – that takes some time, so something has […]

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